Saturday Feb 6 RALLY THE TROOPS block walk for Maria Espinoza Republican for Congress Dist. 7

It’s time to rally the troops for our last block walk before early voting starts! We will have two shifts to accommodate those attending other events on Sat. 2/6. With the morning shift meeting at 8:30am and the afternoon shift meeting at 1:00pm.

We will be meeting at Beans Cafe Coffeehouse 1127 Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77077 in the Morning and Cafe Express in the same shopping center for lunch and 2nd leg of walking.

In the mean time, please RSVP at campaign@mariaforamerica with your shirt size. We will also create a log to record votes so you can log your notes while walking. If you do not have a phone or tablet with internet access let us know and we will pair you with someone who does.

Please, let us know by Friday 2/5 if you plan to attend and which leg you will be able to make. Feel free to share with your Friends and family!

Maria Espinoza Republican for Congress District 7

Conservative Leadership….for a change
for Texas’ 7th Congressional District

Career politicians and Washington bureaucrats are leading America in the wrong direction.

We need true conservatives in Congress, people with the boldness to stand for what is right, not just some of the time, but all the time.

That’s Maria Espinoza. 

She’s been a brave voice in the fight against illegal immigration for years.  From the halls of Congress and the Texas state Capitol, to liberal bastions like San Francisco and Boston, Maria has opposed sanctuary cities and taxpayer benefits for illegals.  She’s brought light to the many lives lost at the hands of illegal immigrants. 

For Maria, the rights of American citizens, and the best interests of our country, must always come first.

It’s easy for politicians to espouse conservative values at election time.  But are they conservative when it counts?

John Culberson has been in Washington since 2001.  Fourteen years in Congress is long enough.  He’s been absent in the fight on key issues, like runaway spending and debt, border control and defunding Planned Parenthood.

Culberson has spent virtually his entire adult life in politics, winning election to the Texas State House while he was still a law student, then jumping directly from the Texas Legislature to Congress.  

In Washington, Culberson is now part of the problem, not the solution.

It’s time for new energy, fresh commitment and strong conservative values in our Congressman. 

It’s time for a bold new leader who will fight the tough fights, who will stand up and be counted for our conservative values. 

It’s time to elect Maria Espinoza to Congress.

Maria with capitol1






An Open Letter to Mr. Jorge Ramos from the mother of Dominic Durden

An Open Letter to Mr. Jorge Ramos
I am writing to you not as a activist or advocate.

Not writing to you as a political person from one side or the other.

I am simply writing to you as a mother to a father.

You see, my only child, my 30 year old son Dominic Durden was killed on 7-12-12. I not only lost my best friend and my buddy that day, but I also lost my future and everything great that he would have brought to my life. I will never have grandchildren or be a mother in law.

There will be no more Holidays, vacations or birthdays with him. It all ended on that horrific day.

What makes it even harder to bare and to deal with each day is the fact that my only child was killed by an illegal that has been here for many years, long arrest record, including a felony conviction and 2 DUI’s. That man had more breaks from the law and was never deported.

Since the death of my boy I have met many other families who lost loved ones to illegals. I also receive emails and messages from many who lost so senselessly because of our broken immigration system.

And I talked to and met with Kate Steinle’s family. 

I also learned that every year 1200 to 1500 U.S. Citizens get killed by illegals.

So I am trying to figure out where your statements and research come from.

You don’t use the term ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. You just use the term IMMIGRANT. 

That’s offensive to me as a legal immigrant and many others who came here he legal way.

You are upset that Kate’s Law ” is completely unfair to millions of People for what one or two people have done”. Are you serious?

Again Mr. Ramos, how can you say that, knowing that illegal aliens ( yes, I will continue to use that word) killed thousands of innocent Americans over the last few years and continue to do so.

I am highly offended that you consider yourself a journalist and you continue to downplay the severity and seriousness of crimes committed by illegals.

You have a daughter and want her to enjoy life and grow old. Imagine your daughter being killed by an illegal.

Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

Something I have to deal and live with 24/7.
Sabine Durden


Drew Rosenberg


George, Maria, Hector and Pedro